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The Recipe for Thought Leadership Content

Studies show that 69% of customers are willing to continue purchasing from a brand they trust, even if a competitor offers a perceivably better alternative. One way to increase customer trust in your brand is to display your expertise in the field.

Hire a Team of Rockstar Content Writers with the Help of This Valuable Guide

“Approximately 2.75 million blogs are posted every day on WordPress alone.”

The digital spectrum is bombarded with content at the rate of hundreds and thousands of posts per second. And, to be a part of this infinite digital space, you need a team of expert and experienced content writers to help your content stand apart from the competition. So here’s a guide that we’ve curated to help you hire the best of the best talent in the writing domain.

Content Creation Team Extension: A Necessary Investment for a 2X Return

“Content is King!”

A phrase that has occupied the spotlight since the dawn of the digital era and continues to do so with ease. There’s content creation everywhere and in every form. Written content, infographics, videos, podcasts and much more; various forms of content that businesses, brands, and personalities use to connect with their target audience.
This process is continual and requires consistent efforts to stand toe-to-toe with your fellow competitors. It also includes generating fresh content to stay relevant, to please your end-user and most importantly, the search engines.

Reality Check – Content Writing Myths Busted

Today, with companies heavily banking on online marketing to attract their customers, the demand for content writing services is skyrocketing. Content writing sure has emerged as a powerful ingredient for brands to connect with their audience. However, there are certain myths associated with content writing that mislead brands in their approach to generating valuable and effective content. In this blog, we bust some of the biggest content writing myths that have been dominating and deluding the content marketing domain:-

Know the Difference: White Paper V/S Case Study

Generating high-quality valuable content invariably is cardinal to generate inbound leads for a business. White papers and case studies are two such powerful and informative means of content that offer an extensive understanding of a specific product, service or technology and enable enterprises to connect with their audience in a potent and convincing manner.

Reasons to Hire A Content Writer

An increasing reliance on relevant content and recent algorithm updates by powerful search engines such as Google point to a common, growing need in the industry – the need for high-quality content.

Meaningful, well-written content has become a necessity in the online world, be it in the form of blog posts, product descriptions, technical writing, or website copies. According to Adweek, 81% of shoppers research online on search engines or company websites before buying any product.

Unique Benefits of Content Marketing

“Content is king” has been a popular adage in the online marketing world for ages. But it has never been truer than in the recent times. An exponential rise in the use of ad-blocking softwares and recent search algorithm updates such as those of Google’s Panda have created a soaring need for high-quality content. Consumers are relying on content like never before. Content marketing is evolving as the strongest driver of business marketing strategies.

Content Marketing Trends To Look Out For in 2019

Over the past years, content marketing has secured a prominent position in the marketing landscape and proven its worth by delivering productive results time and again. Content marketing today is the ideal ROI effective approach to develop a strong brand awareness and showcase expertise, credibility, and authority in the respective industry domain.

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