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Unique Benefits of Content Marketing

“Content is king” has been a popular adage in the online marketing world for ages. But it has never been truer than in the recent times. An exponential rise in the use of ad-blocking softwares and recent search algorithm updates such as those of Google’s Panda have created a soaring need for high-quality content. Consumers are relying on content like never before. Content marketing is evolving as the strongest driver of business marketing strategies.

Today, a powerful and reliable content marketing strategy is at the heart of all successful brands’ business plans. It is perceived to be a strong enabler of growth and valuable booster of respect and admiration in the industry. Among the many unique benefits of content marketing, we pin down the 5 most important ones here that we believe can change the game for your business.

Content improves online visibility

There is no doubt that the internet is one of the most effective platforms to reach your customers today. Good content can help improve your search engine optimization (SEO) and get you higher rankings on web searches. This improves your visibility and consequently, your click-through rates.

Content improves online visibility

Content establishes credibility

Promotional marketing techniques are losing their sheen because the online audience is more cynical now than ever. “In-your-face” advertising and sales techniques are frowned upon. People are looking for credible sources of information. With high quality content, you are perceived to be an expert in your domain thus, causing a long-lasting impact on your credibility.

Content establishes credibility


Content marketing is cost-effective

Costs involved in content marketing are typically low. There are no major set up or media placement costs. According to a recent research report by the Content Marketing Institute, content marketing has lower up-front costs and deeper long term benefits that paid search does not.

Content marketing is cost-effective

Content drives sales

According to Demand Metric, 60% of consumers are inspired to seek out and buy a new product after reading content about it. Existing research has proven that average website conversion rates are higher for content marketing users (2.9%) than for non-users (0.5%). Thus, better content means better conversion rates and higher sales.

Content drives sales

Content increases consumer loyalty

Finally, content marketing assures a steady stream of customers by increasing their loyalty towards your brand. Consumers enjoy reading relevant content about products and services. They harbor positive feelings about companies that generate trustworthy content. Gradually, a sense of loyalty develops and is spread to others by word-of-mouth.

The benefits of content marketing in today’s world are huge. If you have an effective content strategy in place, you can not only grow your revenue stream but also raise your brand awareness and be perceived as a thought leader in your domain. That is, definitely, the perfect recipe for long-term success.

Content Marketing Trends To Look Out For in 2019

Over the past years, content marketing has secured a prominent position in the marketing landscape and proven its worth by delivering productive results time and again. Content marketing today is the ideal ROI effective approach to develop a strong brand awareness and showcase expertise, credibility, and authority in the respective industry domain.

How to Get the Right Mix of SEO and Creativity in Your Content?

Writing content that makes for an engaging and compelling read by integrating nuances of SEO and creativity is indeed a tough task to accomplish. Creative writing is an art and a science – a unique skill set demanding of writers to not just possess extraordinary command on vocabulary and grammar, but also effective articulation abilities to present ideas and thoughts in the most lucid form succinctly.

The “Write Approach” to Hire the “Right Talent”

Rise in the gig economy has flooded the online world with a plethora of job opportunities for every working generation – from Gen Z to millennials to Gen X. People are now reconsidering their 9-to-5 work routines and shifting focus to opt for flexi-working and telecommuting jobs that allow them to embrace a joyful living and maintain an effective work-life balance.

Get Ahead in the Game with the Right Keywords for Your Niche

If you want your website or personal brand to be found on the Google search, right keywords are of pivotal importance. The big question however remains, “How do you identify the right set of keywords that can boost content value and make your website SEO-friendly?”

5 Things Marketers Must Avoid on Social Media

Digital revolution has taken the world by storm, so has the consequent emergence of social media platforms post Web 2.0. The unprecedented pace of rapid change is exerting tremendous pressure on businesses, society, and individuals to fight for a notice worthy spot on social media. Willingness to accept judgements, opinions and rude remarks with a certain amount of resilience is expected of almost everyone available and accessible on social media platforms.

Digital Marketing – The Relevance of Hashtags

The hashtag isn’t a new trend on social media; its importance and benefits have been long exploited by the digital market. If you are new to this realm of digital marketing, then the hashtag is something you must familiarize yourself with. Effective usage of hashtags will help you as a marketer in categorizing the content for your audience. As for the readers, hashtags assist them in finding relevant posts and interacting with other users on a social media platform.

Laid-Back Words Ushering Professional Writers Astray

Writing is a prevailing battle to persistently gain the reader’s attention, and in this calmor, writers must maintain a conformed uniformity in quality throughout the article. The need for precision is the need for the hour, and merely a few dull or off-topic content could drive the readers away. Therefore, it is vital to avoid the jargon, invest in the best ideas, give every sentence the necessary time and effort it deserves, and mercilessly edit until the content is professionally accurate and qualitatively precise.

“If you’re not happy with your content, the audience definitely are not”

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