Content Creation Team Extension: A Necessary Investment for a 2X Return
September 25, 2019

Content Creation Team Extension: A Necessary Investment for a 2X Return

“Content is King!”

A phrase that has occupied the spotlight since the dawn of the digital era and continues to do so with ease. There’s content creation everywhere and in every form. Written content, infographics, videos, podcasts and much more; various forms of content that businesses, brands, and personalities use to connect with their target audience.
This process is continual and requires consistent efforts to stand toe-to-toe with your fellow competitors. It also includes generating fresh content to stay relevant, to please your end-user and most importantly, the search engines.

The Struggle Upstream for Results

In recent years, it’s understood that inbound marketing through original and engaging content reaps more results than outbound.

So, a constant churn is undeniably required. The question, however, is:

Are you going to use a Canoe?
Are you going to use a dragon boat?

The Struggle Upstream for Results

What’s the difference?

Well, there is nothing wrong in efforts with a small team or a one-man army for content creation, but the results will eventually be slower. And by the time you reach the destination, it’s most probably conquered by most of your competitors and totally different from what you have imagined.
So, you need a team to increase the pace of your boat, in this case your inbound marketing. But hiring is expensive. Today’s price is much higher than yesterday’s and tomorrow’s price higher than today’s.
With this constant uptrend, you need a team that you can afford while not compromising on the quality of your content.

Enter Team Extension & Outsourcing for your Content Creation

Be it content writing samples or creating visually attractive & informative infographics, an extended team or an outsourced team will do a good job faster and more efficiently.

Here are just a few facts to justify:

They are Goal-Driven. Your goals become their goals as you become a valued client.
Higher Quality. Impressing you with quality work is how they can make money. And to get repeat business from you, they have to give quality work and they have no other option.

Enter Team Extension & Outsourcing for your Content Creation

The Churn Continues. All you need to do is tell them how much content you need and they will get the job done. Time is Money is their go-to mantra.
No Shortage of New Ideas. They will go the extra mile to find new ideas and fresh content to improve its value.
No Need of Constant Supervision. When you have an in-house team, you have to supervise them to a certain extent to ensure the work is done. However, with an outsourced team, all you need to worry about is the numbers.

How to find the right team to outsource?

So, we understand the few benefits that you get by outsourcing or extending your content team. But the important question to ask yourself here is, “How do I source the right team?” Here’s what you need to do: –

● Understand your needs and strategize based on it. Do you need constant updates of your blog or do you need industry standard white papers? Or maybe you are looking to create a YouTube channel and need help with videos? As a business you may have multiple needs. You need to categorize what should go outside and what should stay in.

Once you decide that, you now need to know if you need just one individual such as a writer, designer & blogger/vlogger or do you need a team with expertise that has consistency and reputation?
This analysis should be your first step and you can then start your search based on the findings.

How to find the right team to outsource

● Search beyond your known realm. What does it mean? It means you need to check beyond the contacts you have. You can search for marketplaces such as Fiverr & Up work or you can search for digital/content marketing agencies.

It’s important to not forget that you are doing this to reduce costs but keep the pace and quality. There are many countries such as India that have exceptional talent. Also, content writing services in India get used by multiple clients around the globe, thanks to their high-end quality.

So, searching beyond your known professional circle is key to finding the right team.

● Keep your options open. There’s a lot of talent out there. After allocating your budget, you should work with multiple teams or individuals to find the right fit.

One team might be great in delivering content but poor in timelines. Another agency may have fantastic delivery but working with them is often a pain. So, the number of reasons can be many. That’s why you need to keep your options open until you finalize the right fit for your business needs.

In Conclusion
You may be an enterprise, SMB or startup, but the need of the hour remains the same for everyone. We have justified why outsourcing your content needs is best for business, while giving a roadmap to guide you. If you desire to grow faster, then we highly recommend that you start outsourcing your content creation today.