The write approach to hire the right talent
September 6, 2018

The “Write Approach” to Hire the “Right Talent”

Rise in the gig economy has flooded the online world with a plethora of job opportunities for every working generation – from Gen Z to millennials to Gen X. People are now reconsidering their 9-to-5 work routines and shifting focus to opt for flexi-working and telecommuting jobs that allow them to embrace a joyful living and maintain an effective work-life balance.

Writing is one such creatively-fulfilling discipline that can open avenues of unlimited opportunities for the truly creative few content writers.

Looking Beyond the Norm of Hiring Criterias

In an industry brimming with job opportunities but faced with a dearth of skilled talent, most often companies select writers on the basis of their past writing experience, probably a grammar Nazi is preferred with impeccable command on language and immaculate drafting ability, along with undeterred commitment to meet stringent deadlines.

Then why do many end up hiring inefficient writers in the team, who have a tendency to miss out on deadlines often? Please read below to understand, why and how attention to details matter when hiring a writer.

Review writers’ past experience and ask for a “fresh sample”

Ask writers for samples of published work for review, even prior blog writing experience showcased speaks volumes of the drafting skills. To assess and evaluate further, go beyond what experience tells and shows you.

Request for a fresh 300-word sample write-up on topics relevant to your business/industry. The companies looking for content writers seek to understand if the potential hire can write on subjects he/she possesses no knowledge about, nor any past experience.

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Do not hire content writers working for the lowest pay

While there are always exceptions to the norm, most often writers opting to work for lesser pay only agree because they lack the necessary skills and experience to deliver superior quality content, which is why they will accept anything that comes their way.

Probably hiring such writers in your team, can create backlogs with an additional burden of extensively editing the content yourself. This can end up as a time-consuming affair. Quality writers demand better pay because they are confident about their skills and offer timely deliverables.

So if you find a quality writer, try to negotiate on rates to get them onboard rather than choosing the one who eagerly accepts whatever you offer.

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Hire deadline-oriented professionals willing to commit themselves

Hire writing professionals who are extremely committed to deadlines and are available to take up projects on an immediate basis, depending on urgent business requirements. If you are looking for a work-from-home freelance writer, make sure they are able to consistently contribute content on a daily/weekly basis. Hiring a content writer with an erratic work schedule is not someone you can rely on and will prove to be detrimental in the longer run.

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Look for an engaging, reader-friendly writing style

Irrespective of the medium and form of final content presentation, the ability to draft a compelling engaging read is a quintessential component for a writer to be successful. Look for a writer who is able to communicate lucidly in a simple, easy-to-understand language and friendly style, devoid of the fluff with substantial informative read. This talent should be given a platform to prove mettle.

Start with understanding your business need, priorities and expectations from the new writer, how much you are willing to pay and what are the projects/business requirements at hand to be allocated to the new joinee. What are the returns on investment you expect from this new addition to the team?

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Find answers to these critical questions before you proceed with posting job requirements for a content writer.

Hire Smart and Onboard Slow!