How to Get the Right Mix of SEO and Creativity in Your Content
October 4, 2018

How to Get the Right Mix of SEO and Creativity in Your Content?

Writing content that makes for an engaging and compelling read by integrating nuances of SEO and creativity is indeed a tough task to accomplish. Creative writing is an art and a science – a unique skill set demanding of writers to not just possess extraordinary command on vocabulary and grammar, but also effective articulation abilities to present ideas and thoughts in the most lucid form succinctly.

Digitised lifestyle has brought down attention spans of humans to a bare minimum of 8 seconds today. Studies prove that even a goldfish can hold thought longer than most humans do for 9 seconds.

Now grabbing maximum eyeballs, retaining interest and offering a compelling reason to stay for viewers/readers, within those bare minimum seconds is an arduous endeavour for wordsmiths to weave magic into hearts using the right keywords.

Content writing for the web raises the bar expected out of creative writing, to develop SEO content that facilitates higher SERP’s on Google and other search engines. The simple logic to hack into content writing success is, if Google likes your content then readers like your content too.

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Now, how do you write SEO content that Google likes?

Pick and choose the right keywords.

High-quality content writing efforts get appreciated by readers and liked by Google. So practice the art of articulation by picking the most often searched keywords. Tools such as Google Analytics, Keywords Everywhere, Keyword Finder, etc., help to embed them into your creative prose.

Include an element of surprise in your copy to boost content marketing efforts.

Include an element of surprise in your copy to boost content marketing efforts with a creative writing approach. Play safe, yet articulately stylish to make your presence felt in the buzzing online world by offering readers a compelling reason to visit you again.

Write short crisp content that offer quick solutions to users.

Allow room for readers to skim through content easily by dividing vast chunks of information into small paragraphs. Content writing prowess when integrated with SEO content principles make for an effective brand building strategy to either emphasise upon or perhaps reclaim your brand’s dominant position online.

Keyword Research Tools

Use Infographics and diagrams as needed to illustrate concepts better and support SEO content.

Ensure that these visual illustrations are rich with facts and figures that is neatly presented to the readers.

Steer clear of excessive use of jargons and industrial terminology, unless it is a technical write-up.

Write to be understood with an aim of plugging the communication loopholes using limited vocabulary to communicate the message clearly to readers.

While creative writing is vital to engage audiences, embedding SEO content is equally important for content marketing efforts to be a success.It’s time to renounce your old content writing styles to make way for the new!