September 19, 2016

Blog Writing – A Road Map To Your Website

Alluring visitors to your website is an arduous task that often challenges the best of content marketers. With competition being fiercer than ever, companies need to tread that extra mile to thrive in this digital world. There are different strands that influence your website’s growth, however, let’s focus on that particular strand that stands apart from the rest in proving its worth – Writing Blogs.

What is the intent of the internet? To share and acquire information. And what better way to share your information than in the form of articles or blogs. So, why not kickstart your marketing strategy right from the rudiments? People find relevant information fetching, and when your content is a suitable prospect for their search, there is a high probability to divert their loyalty towards your website.

Having said that, let’s delve a little deeper into the importance of blogs for your website-

Adding Dynamics to Your Website

Regular and good blog updates help keep your website dynamic with activities and not just remain an official online address. It also grants you the opportunity to attract visitors who are looking to explore more about your niche. What looks like just regular blogs, if equipped with the right and expectant information, has the potential to build a forum of interested readers commenting on/about your content. Eventually, a good percentage of this community is bound to spill onto the other pages of your website with another good percentage hopefully converting into your regular clientele. And even if this does not result in client conversion, you have already created a connect with your readers, a.k.a., potential customers and established an interactive environment for them to voice their empirical opinions. If this isn’t boosting your marketing strategy, what is?

The Alternate Door To Your Website

The entrance to your website is generally your homepage URL. With the contrive of regular blogs, you create the possibility of multiple entry points. Think about it; you update an interesting blog (related to your niche) on your website that attracts the required demographic through organic SEO. If you look at it from a positive perspective, the audience has not just visited your blog but an added extension to your homepage URL. Yes, blogs are like the aroma that hot dog vendors use to lure in clients. With the addition of properly positioned internal links, you can further cajole your audience to the visit the other pages of your website. So, the more blogs that you update on your website, the more portals you are opening to it.

Connect With Your Audience and Earn Their Trust

Rendering your audience with newer and better information pertaining to the genre of your work helps gain their trust and faith. Solving their queries with factual information elevates your position to an expert for your particular niche. With time and regular updates, your followers increase and so do the questions. Blogs give you that platform to interact with your audience, solve their queries, accept genuine feedback and take action on that feedback. For e.g., if you are a travel agent and you blog about the top ten travel destinations in Bali, you may have followers adding valuable alternatives to your list. This opens the platform for a healthy debate, giving you the opportunity to connect with your readers and understand their preferences, thus allowing you to reform your travel packages accordingly.

Get Noticed By Search Engines

Content writing is the source of search engine traffic, so why not utilize this provenance to its extremity? Feeding distinctive and pertinent content and maintaining a steady flow of such quality articles exposes your website to more visitors. Using keyword research, you can ascertain what your targeted audience is scouting for, and plan your content duly. When you offer ambiguous or amateurish content, your audience is going to view your business the same way. So, the quality of your blogs is paramount because they play a pivotal role in optimizing your website.

Deeper Analysis of Your Website

The benefits of blog writing are not just limited to your readers; you as a writer can cash in on the advantages as well. Blog writing requires you to extensively research about the salient topics related to your niche. This gives you an opportunity to learn more about your products and services. While writing blogs, you will come across both, common problems and innovative signs of progress related to your line of work. This allows you to introspect and thus, make the necessary changes to your business where needed.

Imparting knowledge through blogs or articles is the most humble yet efficient form of digital marketing. And in this highly competitive marketplace, just offering great commodities or services is not enough. As a business, you need to put in that extra effort to communicate and stay connected with your prospective clients as well; and blog writing is, by all means, the apt way to go about it.